This year I cosplayed Han Solo for Comic Con Germany. Most of the cosplays I found on web were for men or the price/quality was not fair… And Han´s Outfit is not that hard to make. That´s why I decided to make my own Han Solo Cosplay (with a litte help from my husband).

Things I bought:
– Blue Jeans/Leggings (10€)
– Cream linen shirt (20€)
– Nerf Blaster (17€)
– Han Solo Belt (20€)
– Chewbacca Plush (optional)
Things I found at home:
– Black Boots
– Black Vest
– Red Acrylic Color
– Spray Cans

Nerf Blaster:
 We used black / silver / brown spray cans. Just tape/hide the parts you do not want to color and then spray it all over. (Tip: Do that outside :p) Wait some hours before changing the color and repeat it. Don´t forget the backside 🙂

Blue Jeans: And again! I taped the parts I do not want to color so It would be much easier for me to paint the Corellian Bloodstripe. Hardest part of the work was to tape it symmetric. I used a red-orange acrylic color and a small brush. Wait till it dried before removing the tape.

Linen Shirt: I just cut a deep collar in that shirt 🙂 But you do not have to do it if you already found / have an shirt which suits to the cosplay. I found a suitable one online. It was for men but still looked good.

And that´s it! 🙂