We booked our trip to Turkey on a friday noon. Some hours later, there was the military coup. Well,… damn… What now? We decided to wait and if there would be another trouble, to cancel it. But there wasn´t any trouble in the area where my family lives and where our hotel is. So we went to turkey for 13 days. And it was great to see my family and to relax at the beach. We also visited the ancient greek city „Ephesos“ and saw one of the „Seven Wonders of the (Ancient) World“. Temple of Artemis! It was so breathtaking! And as a tourist, you can surely visit most of the areas there. If you want to visit Turkey, do it. The hotels are very cheap atm 😉


At the Beach

Our balcony

The sunsets were so beautiful…

The desserts always looked so delicious!
I wish I could have tasted all of them but I didn´t want to waste food…

——————— Daytrip to Izmir ———————

We did a boat trip <3

The sea <3

This selfmade limo in a cafe in Izmir was so delicious ;_; I do want the recipe!

——————— Daytrip to Ephesos ———————

This ancient city is so beautiful!

 And, thanks to our (german speaking) guide, we also got a lot of information!

——————— Short trip to „Temple of Artemis“———————

Our first one of the „Seven Wonders of the (Ancient) World“.
I hope I will be able to see some of the other six wonders one day!