[London] Harry Potter Studio

On our second day in London, we already visited the Warner Bros. Studios of Harry Potter in Watford Junction. I was very excited because I´ve read some blogposts about it and everybody was so overwhelmed after the visit. And now so I am! The Hogwarts castle! The Diagon Alley! The costumes! Just everything! I can´t beviele how many things they rly „build“ and how many things was no CGI. The studio is so big and there is so many things to see! It was just too much! I need to go there again, because it was an information-overdose! We stayed there „just“ 3,5hours, because we had to catch our shuttle bus (I was wondering why our tickets was so expensive, well, ´cause I booked „travel with shuttle bus“ by accident :,D). And the merchandise shop at the end was a bit small… Well, the shop itself was very big but the merchandise was always the same. I was hoping to see a bit more stuff, but.. okay… Now: Pictures!

„I am going home… <3“

Our shuttle bus

From the merchandise store ^_^

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  1. So schade, dass wir kein Ticket bekommen haben! Muss ich auch definitiv noch nachholen, es muss dort so awesome sein! 🙂

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